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Eyeglass Chains & Sunglass Chains

Eyeglass chains are not for grannies anymore. You’ve paid large for your designer glasses, now give them the trendy accessories they deserve. Only at PuntaRocks you will find a collection of outstanding 925 silver chains. You also will find exquisite designs of eyeglass chains in pearls, gold, crystal and more. We sell the most luxurious eyeglass chains for women, men, and children and you can even personalize your desired length for yourself or that perfect gift.

All eyeglass accessories are made in Canada.

Product IDProduct Name Price  
Bahia Eyeglass Chain
Black Magic Eyeglass Chain
Brown Leather Eyeglass Cord
EC 40
Cable Links Eyeglass Chain
Cafe Au Lait Eyeglass Chain
Candy Eyeglass Chain
Caramel Eyeglass Chain
EC 50
Champagne Eyeglass Chain- OUT OF STOCK
EC 47
Classic Eyeglass Holder
Corfu Eyeglass Chain
Cotton Candy Eyeglass Chain
Crystal Lights Eyeglass Chain
EH 20
Daffodils Gold Eye Glasses Holder (24K Gold Plated)
EH 19
Daisy Eye Glasses Holder (24 K Gold Plated)
Denim Dreams Eyeglass Chain
EC 84
Diamond Leather Eyeglass Holder
EC 78
Dolphin Eyeglass Chain
Dress to Impress Eyeglass Chain
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